SRM College

Dr. Sunil Mahadhaorao Sakure
M.S.W., M. Phil., Ph. D. Principal


Sushilabai Ramchandrarao Mamidwar College of Social Work is committed to impart Social, Cultural, Professional and Healthy education to the students at Under Graduate and Post Graduate level. It also ensures and inculcates perfect discipline with regard to regularity, sincerity and punctuality among the students and teachers. The vision of the college is also the pursuance of knowledge through lifelong learning in academics and cocurricular activities.

The college takes pride in emphasizing theory and practice where students gain the width of knowledge and the depth of experience that provides meaningful contribution to career and community.

It is my great privilege to mention that our college stood 171st in the all India NIRF ranking of 2020. The college provides ample opportunities in structured experiential learning. The focus is on the development of skills that are important for Social Work practice and matching abilities through various types of participatory exercises. Exercise and sessions are conducted to sharpen skills pertaining to: perception, sensitivity, self awareness, communication skills for working with individuals, groups and communities, presentations, organizations and administration.

We earnestly desire that every SRMite having discovered the potential within, will contribute to the well being of persons and communities that they are connected to. Many of our alumni ignite and spread the light of their talent through their commitment and dedicated service in various human service organizations: social, industrial corporate and NGO’s, counseling programs, correctional settings and working with communities.

We are pleased to welcome you to be a part of this institute to add to its noble heritage, getting integrated into vision and mission. May we share the light of knowledge, values and competencies gained through the process of education and illumine the world around us as persons and professionals of commitment, expertise and service. We feel proud that we are part of such an excellent institute which is shaping modern India.

All the very best!
Dr. S.M.Sakure