SRM College

Best Management

Sarvodaya Shikshan Mandal (SSM) was founded by Hon’able Shri. Shantaram Potdukhe, Former Union Minister of State for Finance, GOI. Member and Ex-Principal Madanrao Dhankar, Renowned lituraturist, Shri. Rameshpant Mamidwar Renowned Chartered Accountant, along with other eminent personalities in the management. It received Best Management Award from Govt. of Maharashtra in the year 2006. SSM consists of elected and some ex-officio members. At the institutional level the Local Managing Committee (LMC) looks after the institution. The LMC is constituted as per the provisions in the Maharashtra Universities Act 1994. The President of the SSM is the Chairman of the LMC and Principal of the college is the ex-officio Secretary.

The management takes keen interest in the proper functioning of the institution and ensures that the educational objectives are being fulfilled. The management, including the LMC, also looks into the financial and administrative matters. Thus, the administrative and academic leadership is provided by them which facilitates teaching-learning in the college. The commitment, vigilance, involvement, guidance and encouragement on the part of the management provide effective leadership to the institution. Due to their objective-based leadership and involvement, the teaching-learning and all other processes in the institution become effective and efficient.

The office-bearers, other executive committee members and the LMC members periodically visit the institution for meeting; for participation in important events such as seminars, conferences, workshops, camps etc. and even otherwise for formal and informal interaction with the faculty, staff and students. We have started recruitments, infrastructure improvement recently. These and other decisions and the appreciation, encouragement and concern by the management have constantly helped the institution to excel in various fields.